What the service does for teachers


Get paid after each purchase of your online course. Sell subscriptions for access to your study groups or online course bundles. Track revenue and analyze the profitability of your courses or services.

Promote Your Courses

Promote your learning services with a powerful advertising system and referral program. All you have to do is publish a course or study group and keep it up to date. We'll do all the hard, expensive work.

Sell access to valuable course materials

Use our service for a secure way to distribute author content. The system only gives your students access to valuable materials! Videos, PDFs, PowerPoint and other content will only be available to your customers on your terms.

Teach via video conferencing

Help people master new knowledge, advance their careers, or find hobbies wherever they are. Remote training via videoconferencing, video streaming, video and audio chat, and other comunications is a convenient way to inspire your trainees and students!

Create training groups

Professional trainers can create online classes. All the students in your training class can receive a stream of knowledge in an understandable virtual distance learning environment. Create schedules, teach online lessons, and accompany your students through the entire learning stream.

Provide your students with a comfortable, personalized environment

Make your work even more organized. Offer your students a personal account that gives them access to all purchased courses and training materials 24/7 by subscription. A personal account will allow them to get full updates on learning dynamics, communication, and more.

Use the full power of social learning network

Leverage the power of communicating with colleagues and students through a modern educational social network without redundant or off-topic content. Focus on what's important.

Get funding for your educational projects

With a crowdfunding service, you can raise the necessary financial resources to create your own course or other educational project.

Find an offline job

Use the offline job search service by proximity to your location.